Our staff is the contact infomation focal point for the congress attendees.

We spread information about the event throughout the scientific/technical community, pointing out the important deadlines for submitting scientific works, registering or booking accommodation.

We collect abstract/proceeding files, we create a list of them and forward it to the Scientific Committee and on its behalf we send acceptance notification to the selected authors.

Daily contact with enrolled attendees is finalized on-site upon arrival at registration desk when our staff and hostesses deliver to participants the customized conference kit.

In the meanwhile the Scientific Lecturers are presented, YES Meet team is active backstage managing the services of the venue and of other suppliers into a harmonious and efficient result.


YES Meet takes care of all the steps required for the development of a valuable event and is pleased to involve the Client in each of them. Whether you are organizing a Congress, a Meeting, a Course or an incentive travel, YES Meet staff can merge the best services available to make a really unique event.

We support you to:

  • Define the services required in the chosen location
  • Choose the most competitive and reliable suppliers
  • Prepare the provisional budget plan
  • Coordinate the multiple tasks of suppliers (editor, publisher, audiovisions, fitter, catering and transportation specialists)
  • Issue the final budget of the congress

Nothing is left to the chance!


Choose the best location for an event is among the main decisions to be taken by organizers: the correct choice is itself guarantee of great advantages.

YES Meet helps you to find the location which best suits for your Congress, Meeting, Convention or Incentive and is able to get the most competitive and favourable conditions.
Some venues give an event a different perspective attracting participants and enhancing their all round experience.  If you prefere a modern business hotel or a quiet ancient building, a villa in country yard or a functional fairy centre, YES Meet will help you to find it and to obtain the best rates.

YES Meet is based in Sorrento (Italy) and offers all services you may need to organize your event in this beautiful city  or also in the neighbouring Isles of Ischia and Capri or in Amalfi Coast and Naples.
But we have no limits and our work has no bondes. We can arrange for you the best conference all around Italy but also in Europe and worldwide! 

our services

event website

The most updated Information Technology is the best instrument to guarantee the success of your event.
Any congress has its own identity and for each of them we can create a  graphically customized website, we can fill in and update it in real time thanks to a content management system.

YES Meet is able to create web solution for

  • the online management of information to be developped to participants
  • online registration
  • submission of scientific abstracts
  • booking accommodation
  • booking extra services (i.e. transfers, excusions, social dinner....)
    pay through a https connection.

In this way the wbsite becomes the true reference for participants.

travel organization

The best way to start an event is getting to the location easily and confortably.  YES Meet supports organizers, invited and participants in logistic schedule suggesting the most practical and cheapest travel options.

YES Meet provides:

  • Air tickets
  • Train tickets
  • Maritime transportation tickets
  • Driver car hire
  • Van hire
  • Coach for groups

audiovisual equipment

YES Meet is also at the backstage of its events.
We are a full-service provider for audio-visual rental of up to date equipment and technical support for your event, congress or roadshow. We can provide:

  • Audio and lighting equipment

  • Video editing studio

  • Hire Plasma 42" and 50"

  • Video Projection - HD Projection

  • Video Conferencing/Video shooting/ Video Direction

  • Hire PC and MAC

  • Interpretation system

  • Translation system

  • Voting system

social programs

YES Meet pampers participants to the event but also accompanying people for whom we are used to organise various kind of excursions and social programs. In the free time of the working days, attendees are also involved in tour and activities to let them know the beauty of the selected location. From Sorrento we can suggest:

  • Excursion at Pompeii ruins
  • Amalfi Coast tour
  • Excursion at the Isle of Capri
  • A pleasant daily cruise in the Gulf of Naples
  • A relaxing day to the beach
  • A soothing SPA treatment

publishing services

YES Meet staff works with great attention and precision to collect abstract to contact authors, and paginate files for publishing criteria of abstract book, e-book and programmes.
We are also used to customize CD, DVD, USB key with the grafic of the event.

fun and events

During your event, YES Meet can suggest an original team building, an emotional show a relaxing dinner show or any other activity you want to propose to involve your guests.

  • Team building
  • Bier bike
  • Pizza school
  • Live music
  • Themed dinners
  • Shows


We are aware that promoting an event through the correct channel is so determinant as the event itself.

YES Meet as event manager uses the most improved instruments and techniques  to guarantee the development of information and communication related to the event, so to be sure that any potential attendee will be reached whereever he is.

Tools employed for the communication program are so many: some traditional and clearly developped for spreading information (such as flyer or advertisement or posters), others, more innovative using IT, especially online channels which we always improve to maximize search and surfingfor participant interaction.