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Title: Europar 2010 MEETING - Ischia - Naples, Italy  •  Size: 14335

Europar 2010 MEETING - Ischia - Naples, Italy

Dr. Vittoria Colizza

Computational epidemiology: a new paradigm in the fight against infectious diseases

Recent years have witnessed a tremendous progress in the field of modeling infectious disease, with a dramatic shift from abstract models to increasingly realistic approaches that rely on detailed data on human dynamics and intense computation. These sophisticate computational approaches can be used as in silico laboratories where to simulate epidemic scenarios, predict the impact of a disease on the population, and test a variety of intervention strategies.
Next to the tremendous advances in modern medicine and health sciences, the recent computational advances led to the emergence of a new discipline - computational epidemiology - that represents an additional weapon in our fight against infectious diseases. The talk will address the central role of epidemic large-scale computational approaches for the study of infectious diseases spread, aimed at helping and supporting the decision process at the scientific, medical, and public health level.

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