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Title: Europar 2010 MEETING - Ischia - Naples, Italy  •  Size: 18705

Europar 2010 MEETING - Ischia - Naples, Italy

Travel info


Ischia Island is connected to Naples regularly during the day by ferries or hydrofoils leaving from the three ports of the city: Molo Beverello, Porta di Massa and Mergellina.
Each of them enables to sail to Ischia; the main port of the island, the nearest to Hotel Continental Terme, is Ischia Porto.

Since the way you arrive in Naples, you can choose different ways to get to the ports.

BY  AIRPLANE (Naples Capodichino Airport)
From the airport of Naples Capodichino it is possible to reach by taxi one of the three harbours of Naples (Beverello, Porta di Massa and Mergellina) in 30 minutes; there is also a public bus service, which connects airport directly with the port of NAPLES BEVERELLO (Line name: ALIBUS. Tickets are sold on the bus. No reservation is needed. The bus stop is located outside the baggage claim area). It is also possible to book a private shuttle through the Agent YES Meet.

BY AIRPLANE (Rome Fiumicino Leonardo Da Vinci Airport)
Rome Fiumicino Leonardo Da Vinci is the nearest intercontinental airport.
Trains run from Roma Airport Station to Roma Termini Station every 30' (trip: 30').
From Roma Termini, fast (AV or ES) trains run approx every hour to Napoli Centrale and to Napoli Piazza Garibaldi (trip: approx 2 hrs). Some trains also stop in Napoli Mergellina.
Schedules and rates can be found at TRENITALIA website.
Tickets can be purchased on line or at the station.

To move from Rome Fiumicino Leonardo Da Vinci Airport to Naples, you can also book your private transfer through the agent YES Meet.

There are three different train stations from which getting to one of the ports of Naples: NAPOLI CENTRALE, NAPOLI PIAZZA GARIBALDI or NAPOLI MERGELLINA. The first two stations enable you to have an immediate access to Garibaldi Square, which is approximately 4 km far from the harbour of NAPOLI BEVERELLO and easily reachable  by TAXI or BUS in 15 minutes.
From the train stations it is also possible to book a private shuttle through the Agent YES Meet.
NAPOLI MERGELLINA station is about 200 mt. far from the port of MERGELLINA.

For more information about shuttle service and for pick-up reservation, please contact YES Meet Agent.

Naples is connected to Ischia Island by ferry (1hour and half) or hydrofoils (50 minutes).
Please find below the schedules from each of the three ports of Naples:

From Napoli Beverello to Ischia Porto
07:35 (hydrofoil - ALILAURO)
07:50 (hydrofoil - CAREMAR)
08:40 (hydrofoil - MEDMAR)
09:35 (hydrofoil - ALILAURO)
09:55 (hydrofoil - CAREMAR)
10:30 (hydrofoil - ALILAURO)
12:10 (hydrofoil - ALILAURO)
12:50 (hydrofoil - ALILAURO)
13:10 (hydrofoil - CAREMAR)
14:30 (hydrofoil - ALILAURO)
15:10 (hydrofoil - CAREMAR)
15:30 (hydrofoil - ALILAURO)
16:55 (hydrofoil - ALILAURO)
17:50 (hydrofoil - ALILAURO)
18:15 (hydrofoil - CAREMAR)
20:10 (hydrofoil - ALILAURO)
20:20 (hydrofoil - CAREMAR) 

From Napoli Mergellina to Ischia Porto
07:10 (hydrofoil - ALILAURO) - only working days
09:10 (hydrofoil - ALILAURO)
11:00 (hydrofoil - ALILAURO)
12:30 (hydrofoil - ALILAURO)
16:15 (hydrofoil - ALILAURO)
18:10 (hydrofoil - ALILAURO)
20:25 (hydrofoil - ALILAURO)

From Napoli Porta di Massa to Ischia Porto
00:15 (ferry - MEDMAR)
06:25 (ferry -CAREMAR)
08:40 (ferry -MEDMAR)
08:55 (ferry -CAREMAR)
10:05 (ferry -MEDMAR)
10:55 (fast ferry - CAREMAR)
13:55 (ferry -MEDMAR)
14:30 (ferry -CAREMAR)
15:10 (fast ferry - CAREMAR)
15:40 (fast ferry - CAREMAR)
16:50 (ferry -MEDMAR)
17:30 (ferry -CAREMAR)
19:00 (ferry -MEDMAR)
19:20 (ferry -CAREMAR)
21:30 (ferry -MEDMAR)
21:55 (fast ferry - CAREMAR) 

For more precise details, please contact directly the shipping companies:

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